NSOCM Skills Sustainment Course (NSOCM-SSC)

The NSOCM-SSC course is a 2-weeks course, designed to sustain and update medical skills and knowledge for practicing NSOCMs. Modern medicine is rapidly evolving with changes to medical diagnostics, treatments, and pharmacotherapies.  This, coupled with the perishable nature of medical knowledge and skills, sets the requirement for a robust, realistic NSOCM sustainment program.  NSOCM-SSC ensures that all NSOCM’s have been medically assessed and validated in the required competencies in recognitions of NSHQ Directive 75-001 B, Medical Standards and Training, May 2017.  By the end of this course, NSOCMs will have refreshed their medical knowledge, competencies, and skills; and will be able to apply their updated skill set to the variety of SOF missions.