Mission of the ISTC

ISTC provides specialized tactical training for Special Operations Forces (SOF) and similar units in order to increase capability, capacity, and interoperability among the nine signatory nations—as well as other NATO Allies and Partners.

Target Audience

As indicated in the ISTC mission statement, SOF personnel are the target audience for all ISTC activities.  While all nations have a host of specialized forces who provide critical service to their nation, for the ISTC member nations, there are specific target formations based on the prioritization and allocation of resources from each nation.

Germany: DEU special forces “KSK” (Kommando Spezialkräfte), and DEU specialized forces”EGB” (erweiterte Grundbefähigung). 

Belgium: BEL SOCOM and SO Regt soldiers and enablers. 

Greece: Army, Navy and Air Force SOF Units. Primary Target Audience the GRC SOCOM Units.

United States: US Army Special Operations Command (USASOC) Soldiers.

Italy: Army SOF, Navy SOF, Air Force SOF and Carabinieri SOF Units.

The Netherlands: Operators of the KCT (Korps Commandotroepen) and KCT’s designated SOF support units of the 11th AMB (Air Mobile Brigade).

Türkiye: Turkish Army Special Forces, Navy SOF, Air Force SOF and Gendermerie SOF.

Romania: ROU SOF and SOF Support units.

Czech Republic: CZE SOF and SOF Support units.

For NATO Allies and Partners, the sending SOF unit is determined by the sending nation.