NATO Unconditional Accreditation


As part of ISTC’s commitment to produce high quality NATO education and training, ISTC was accredited by NATO in February of 2017 to meet NATO Quality Standards—and maintain NATO Unconditional Accreditation in this field.  As part of this accreditation process, ISTC is recognized as offering recognized expertise and experience to personnel participating in the activities of such entity for the benefit of NATO by providing such personnel opportunities to enhance education and training; improve interoperability and capabilities; assist in the development of doctrine; and validate concepts through experimentation.  ISTC does not take this commitment lightly and remains dedicated to continuous improvement in all the organization does to ensure ISTC remains at the leading edge of the NATO SOF training.  Additionally, as a recognized strategic contributor to building institutional capability and capacity in NATO, ISTC has directly facilitating the development, adoption, and growth of SOF training programs in other NATO institutions and schools—thereby directly expanding the education and training landscape in NATO. In April 2023, ISTC was recertified by NATO with Unconditional NATO Accreditation.

Additionally, ISTC maintains four NATO approved courses:

  • NATO Special Operations Combat Medic (NSOCM) Course
  • NSOCM Skills Sustainment Course (NSOCM-SSC)
  • Special Operations Task Group Operations Planning Course
  • Military Assistance Course