Joining Standards to Attend ISTC Courses


    The CQB and Sniper Courses require a high standard of physical fitness; these courses have a fitness entry test on the first day of the course. The entry requirement for the CQB and ACQB Courses is a Basic Fitness Test (BFT) which is a cross-country speed march/run in BDUs and military boots. The entry requirement for the Sniper Course is a Land Navigation Test (combined BFT/NAV). Students need to make sure that they have a set of BDUs, boots and rucksack on Monday morning to participate in the test.


    Students must have a good understanding of the English language (the instructional language of the school). Therefore, before entering any resident ISTC courses, all students must take and pass a language test. The passing grade for each course is specified in the respective course annex. Examples of the English test can be found at the following web sites:


    Students attending Desert Sniper Course and High Angle/Urban Sniper Course must pass a shooting entry test.


    Students failing any entry test (fitness, navigation, shooting or language) may be returned to their units. In addition, students are expected to maintain the highest standard of military discipline (on and off duty) and may be withdrawn from a course at any time should it become apparent that they are unfit, are deemed a safety hazard, display a bad attitude or do not meet academic standards.


    1. The Non-MoU Nation must submit a formal and binding request for training support to Germany either through official military attaché channels or through the embassy.

    2. ISTC will decide whether or not course spaces can be allocated to the requesting non-MoU Nation.

    3. The reply containing information such as availability, cost per course, subsistence costs etc. will be forwarded by the German Armed Forces Staff to the respective embassy or military attaché, Joining Instructions will be attached to the reply.

    4. The sending country will have to produce the necessary paperwork such as, Request for Visit and Student(s) list, forwarding this paperwork to the German Army Office. The German Army Office should send a registration form for each participant to be completed. The student(s) will then be booked into the German Student Registration System by the German Army Office.

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